A Movie a Day Keeps the Boredom Away

I watch all kinds of movies, so expect random changes. I can watch an animated comedy one day then switch to a foreign film the next.


So....well, the title says it all. Enjoy.

Hey, if you guys haven’t noticed, I don’t really use this blog anymore. I’m not gonna delete it, but feel free to unfollow now. Thanks for following while I was active!

Fucking hell!

We are breaking the world! Don’t you want to fix it?

Edward Norton smokin’ it up with himself.

I think this applies to quite a lot of people on tumblr.

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Brady: That is nature’s delivery system for goodness. It glides down into your belly and blooms into a feeling of peace in a world beset by evil.
Tim: The world is gonna be there no matter how much grass you smoke.